Dose anyone find Laver Cup strange

Enough with prestigious tournament crap. This is just the first year of the Laver Cup, at least let it get off the ground before calling it crap. Another thing it is not an exhibition. That word is thrown around to discredit an event that certain factions don’t like too see flourish. There is nothing weird about the rules of the Laver Cup. No one tried to understand those so-called weird rules because then that way they can again discredit the event. The rules and score system create competition up until Day 3. The winner wasn’t determined until the last match of Day 3. Remember when the narrative about how Europe was going to crush RoW and that didn’t happen. There are always going to be corporate boxes at events because these events need those corporate sponsors. These events don’t run on free.

What you basically said is that if we had proper rules the competition would have been over sooner.

Is this what the future of tennis looks like?

Let's change the rules for every match/tournament, so that there is "competition".

If there was real competition with proper rules, this event would have been over in no time.

"The narrative" as you call it was based on the expectation that it will be resembling a real competition with real rules.

I am not giving "time" to a staged fake competition and if it doesn't move away from the silliness I predict a bleak future for the event amongst the real tennis fans.


The only thing it will tell is how deep in **** the people's idea of money and entertainment has descended.

Those were not corporate boxes at a big venue of a prestigious tournament (the prices were also not quite there too, but you get the idea).

$400 (if true) is a ridiculous amount of money for a ticket for a session at a serious tournament, let alone for an exo with weird rules.

The cheapest tickets for a session started at about 50 dollars, for whole event at about 225 dollars. For czech people it is still expensive, for americans I think not so much.


I don’t really see the point anymore. They need to discontinue it. Not good. Or they can have them all
play pickleball fir the title lol