Double sided tape?


In some head pro stock frames when I take off the grip or pallets I often see a “mesh” double side tape .

does anyone know what kind is it? On a big retailer website is described a Double Sided Carpet Tape Heavy Duty.


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There are lots of heavy duty double sided tape options on Amazon like this one:
It seems expensive unless you’re replacing an awful lot of pallets.

EDIT: I would also wonder if a heavy duty tape would be too thick. It could cause an issue if the pallet / hairpin had close tolerances to begin with.


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I have always used just plain old scotch double sided tape and it has worked fine. the mesh might add to the handle size, so keep that in mind.


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If I was going to use tape I’d go with this Scoth brand double sided tape $3.36 at Walmart 1”x400”. Or use some rubber cement down the outside bevels of the hairpin. Rubber cement is only $1.39 at Target.
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