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    Mar 8, 2009
    Just wanted to see if anyone else has any experience in the kind of receiving that I have played with. So the rule that I can find here is that the receiving team decides which side they play and then stick to that side.


    On the other hand, I have also played doubles where if X, Y and A, B were playing, with X serving, A will return the first serve and with Y serving, B will receive first. Essentially, there is a rotation that is carried out during the set on both ends.

    Since I have not been able to find that rule on the internet, I am trying to see if anybody here knows of it.

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    Apr 8, 2006
    #1... wrong section for the post. #2 Link doesn't work.

    Basically in doubles, any one can serve first at the beginning of a new set (including a super tie breaker in lieu of 3rd set).

    And, you can switch receiving position at the beginning of a new set, but you must remain in that position (ad side or deuce side) for the duration of that set.

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