Doubles things we may not practice but should


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I'm thinking about situations that occur repeatedly during a match that never seem to make it into practice [we usually worry about the reverse]:

- Running at full speed away from the net to cover a lob over one's partner. I saw one video that suggested switching to a flat Western grip and using the opposite side of the face to hit the ball. Seemed logical as when I'm late hitting the FH back over my head, I usually hit it over my left shoulder wide. But I never seem to remember to do it in an actual match.

- Covering a ball down the middle that you thought your partner was going to get. This is different than a solo volley drill because in that situation, you know you are responsible for everything. It's minimizing the time between "Oh, my partner's got that one" and "*#!@, he let that one go!".

- Low/half-volley down the line to beat a net man who is leaning/poaching, anticipating a weak shot in the middle. Sweet when you can pull it off.

Speaking of which, how many can see the net man when trying to volley a low ball? I can see a vague shape and maybe not even that: maybe I only sense lateral movement.

- Retrieving a short ball with both opponents at the net and trying to simply hit it low because you're not in a good position to rip the ball.

- Both opponents at the net + you at the net: lob volley. People tend to overlook this option. Although, beware of hitting it short: your partner may not be happy with the result!


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one drill I practice a good bit with my regular partner is- one of us hits and approach shot has to move in touch the net with their racquet while the other one pops up a lob and you either get back for an overhead (if they hit the lob short) or run it down to hit is back in play while still facing the back fence.

it happens a good bit in matches and I can say I have more winners from overheads than ever since adding this to our practice sessions


Being a 4.0± depending on how much I play and the physical shape I'm in, I find the following things most crucial.

Volleys, kick/spin serves, chips, lobs, and overheads. Don't forget the split steps.


I am not sure of the reason but doubles teams to drill even less frequently than singles players (if you even believe that is possible).