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  1. Dags

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    Aug 29, 2008
    I re-strung yesterday using CP at 40 / 37.5, which gave me a racquetTune reading of 40.6. I was playing today with the racquet strung in LO mode, until right at the end my partner asked if he could have a hit with it. So I had 10 minutes rallying with the CP string bed. The first note was that it felt slightly tighter, though that's possibly because the LO bed had broken in a bit. The most noticeable observation though was that the ball was coming off the string bed at a higher trajectory; my balls were clearing the net a good two to three feet higher than they had been. Overall, contact felt more 'solid' if you will; whether it's in my head I don't know, but I felt I had more control over where the ball was going.

    My mind my change as I continue to play with them, but as things stand, I definitely lean towards the feel of the CP string job.
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    Mar 15, 2007
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    Dags that higher trajectory will be good for some players and bad for others. The slower the ball travels usually the long the ball will go at a little higher trajectory. For some is the ball is three feet higher over the net it is just beyond the service line, for some it is just long and others it is up against the fence. That is why the player has to be the one that ultimately determines the tension he likes.

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