DRY INK on carpet - help


got a large ink stain on my thick cream carpet, what would you lot suggest to get it off, by the way im from the UK, so alot of ur U.S products are not sold here.

ive typed in google and found basically everyone using RUBBING ALCOHOL, just bought some but wont come for a few days.

last case would me getting those carpet cleaner companies wihch cost £50 a room then £15 extra room

can you give me any tips


ive tried oxy clean didnt really work. Ive got this bissell shampoo which got alot of it out. The stain came from a printer which has been there for a yr, so the stain has been there for up to a yr


Concerning your "thick cream" carpet, assuming it doesn't have a pattern, it's very easy to have a carpet guy cut out a piece of carpet and replace it. This is especially true with the thick (long pile) carpets as it's all but impossible to see where a piece was replaced.


HAIRSPRAY. (or hair lacquer for you Brits)

Not sure why, but this is the only thing that works getting ink stains out of clothes. Not pump hairspray, the aerosal kind. Cheap stuff is fine, but be careful of the fumes and remember it is very flammable.

Soak the stain with hairspray, wait about ten seconds, then BLOT with rags, paper towels or even brown paper bags. Keep repeating until you get as much of it as you can, then the rest should be broken up enough to come out with carpet shampoo or a traditional carpet cleaner.