DT's much higher on L.O. than D.W...

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    Nov 11, 2011
    I recently did 2 string jobs on 2 identical rackets, with identical string (16g syngut), one racket on my calibrated Ektelon H (with a Gama analog calibrator), and the other on my tension tested (again, with the Gama tool) Klippermate.

    I used the Stringway Tension advisor, shooting for a DT of 34.

    Contrary to what I expected, the DT's off the machine were wildly different: The Klippermate job came out at a DT of 34.5, measured with a Stringlab. The Ektelon H job came out at a DT of 40. I don't think the DT of 40 is going to 'settle in' near 34; I usually only seen a drop of 1 to 1.5 after break-in.

    I'd have thought that the constant pull of the K-mate would have come out the stiffer of the two. But, apparently, the flying clamps, starting pin, and the associated draw/twist-back with the K-mate comparatively reduce the overall stiffness compared to the fixed clamp of the lockout, unless my clamps are slipping, which I doubt; they're clean and tight. But, them, I've noticed the K-mate flyers can slip pretty easily due to their narrow width.

    Anyone use the T.A. with their lockouts?
    What DT's do you get off the machine?

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