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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Furball, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Furball

    Furball New User

    Feb 23, 2004
    Hi all,

    Any feedback on the 300G? I could use some good advice here. Thanks in advance.
  2. GuyPerez

    GuyPerez Semi-Pro

    Feb 21, 2004

    After a 6 year absence, I returned to the game using the 300G. It was perfect for how I hit the ball and really facilitated getting the rust off my game. It has great power if you are willing to take a real swing at the ball. I Hit topspin off both sides and have a one handed backhand. It is extremely easy to move around, yet delivers power. I have two that are weighted at 3 and 9 and that seems to be the key to getting these puppies to perform.

    That being said, I think I am about to switch to a slightly heavier stick with a little extra length to try and improve my serve since I am short in height.

    I would recommend the 300G. If you are intereted in my used ones, drop me a line a
  3. bertrevert

    bertrevert Hall of Fame

    Feb 22, 2004
    Syd, Oz
    I have just moved from a Bab PD+

    Look, the 300g is still a big banger but the thinner beam is excellent for one-handed bh and for serving.

    Volleys tend to twist it a bit so I agree with lead at 3 and 9 though I haven't done this myself.

    I think it is never going to be a racquet with a big following - it isn't a player's racquet - and it's like a tweener butnot quite.

    It's really light and the upper hoop is very forgiving (lower hoop not so).

    I don't think I've ever hit the ball so hard and not gone long. The Bab is error prone and encourages poor form (at least I got too defensive with it, poking at balls) whereas with the 300g you can swing big and get enough work on the ball to not go long.

    Of course demo one. But I didn't. Given it's spec I knew it would be the right step from my old 200g I wanted to take (it being too demanding) when I went the Bab. Now this 300g really fits my particular progression. The thin beam and error correction (98 sq in head) are really what I wanted.

    Also it's not so stiff and there are no more sore elbows. The 300g encourages strong aggresive play because you can whip it around fast both at baseline and net.

    Volleys are a little tricky (due to twist) but generally it's great with a forgiving upper hoop and good positive directional grunt.

    Sliced bh is a joy. Try it and post what you think.

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