Dunlop 400 vs nTour

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by berima, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Jun 28, 2007
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    I have both. Just played with the m-fil 400 and nTour Two today.

    The m-Fil 400 is a bit more powerful than the nTour. Part of that is due to the beam thickness, it's more stiff, and the 100 sq in head. I bought it at a bargain off a site and I was pleasantly surprised by hit. I haven't used it in a match yet, but I'll test it out against friends in a few days. I felt comfortable hitting with it. Control-oriented and I really felt I could drive the ball. Honestly, I think I like this racquet more than the m-Fil 200+ and 300 I also have. This stick definitely had baseliners in mind. I haven't tried out volleys yet, but I'll be eager to try that out as soon as I can.

    The nTour 95 is more manuverable and probably had baseliner and all-court players in mind. It feels heavier than its stated weight. You definitely need to have a long swing stroke to make optimal use of this racquet, but its even balance and low stiffness is quite forgiving on the arm. It does quite well with groundstrokes, pretty good with volleys (I need to work on that area BADLY), and feels comfortable serving with it.

    I've used nTours for almost a year and bought 4 of them as well as 2 nTour Two, so I definitely am biased towards nTour. But since I can get m-Fil 400 for $40, I might get another one based on my first day trying it out. I recommend the nTour Two over the original nTour because the Two seems better at control, but the differences are minor yet noticeable.

    In short, both are good and with them both at clearance prices, you can get both for $120 total if you know where to look. ;)

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