Dunlop 400G


Has anyone used this racquet before???? If so, could you leave a little feedback please???? Thanks a lot.
Dunlop with its 400G and some others, now discontinued for 70% off list, decided that a light 10+ ounce stick if made very head light with no swingweight would appeal to someone. Fundamental design flaws! Inexcusable for an alleged major company. The type of customer who buys this will not likely be radically customizing his/her stick. No matter howe you play, a stick with 300 and less swingweight will require a big swing and have little mass in the head to crush the ball. Dunlop have long been confused in its non 200G intros. Now it is back to even and head heavy sticks in this range. 600ICE, M Fil 500. Not long ago it made sub 9 ounce 1 inch head heavy sticks. Ignore Dunlop, it is merely a sports marketing company with no clue in the tweener area!