Dunlop 4d 200 16x19 (PICS)


^^^ didn't play too much (actually any) tennis in the last 4-5 weeks for some family matters. I'll be back on the courts in the next days. :D
Will report back soon. ;)
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Is the AG200D (16x19)the same mold as the AG200 (16x19)?

Likewise for AG200D (18x20) and AG200 (18x20)?


Well, I guess I'll have to post a review

Just got my first two with two more coming from Tennis Z***. Specs are perfect for me since I'll probably end up leading them up and using a leather grip. Will review them stock first, with Dunlop string that comes in the frame.

After years of mids and 90s, I had tried various 95s and liked the Wilson PST 95 but, alas, they're too tough to find. The 4D 16x19 should be great if anything like the 4D 200 18x20, which for me is about the finest available stick on the market. I just wanted something I could customize a bit that is a box beam and open pattern. Stay tuned....

Harry Z
4d 200 18x20

If anyone's interested, I just received my new 4d 200 18x20 today (not from TW, as they didnt have a 4 3/8 in stock) - can post my thoughts once I've hit with it. Recently, I demo'd a 4d 200 from a local shop and felt it was a solid performer... stable, nice feel, but most importantly I could hit spots on the court surprisingly well - such an accurate frame. If I relaxed on serve, I could really bomb'em - even with the syn gut demo string. Considering the sub-$100price, I decided to order a new one.

I hit with a lot of top on both sides (2HBH) and expect to get enough spin from this frame to suffice. I was always happy with my Flexpoint instincts, despite their 18x19 pattern (they were leaded up to 12 oz), and I'd enjoyed plenty of top from my Babolate PDR and Microgel Rad Pros. Looking back, my best tennis came from my Radical Pros. The 200 should work really well for me, though, owing to a slightly less swingweight, yet still hefty enough to produce a heavy ball. I was told my ball was really heavy with the Rad Pros, so I will be hoping for more of the same with the 200. It weighs a bit more and has a respectable SW.

My 200 arrived strung with a translucent purple (!) co-poly. Color aside, I'm happy it's got something better than bottom-feeder syngut.

Taking it out tomorrow for a hit. I weighed it with a babolat overgrip and it came to 342 grams (12.06 ozs). I'd like to leave it stock because the frame feels great when swung through the air as is.
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Sorry all, had forgotten I was in the 16x19 thread, I'll take this to the more general Dunlop 200 user thread...


Initial review

I received 4 of these frames this week. All came strung with m-fil tour 16 string at mid tension.

I added 4g of lead at 3 and 9 and the same amount under the handle on one frame, plus an overwrap. A second frame is stock with just a single overwrap. The others are dead stock.

After 4 hours of hitting over the past two days, I can offer the following:

The frame is solid and has great feel. Spin production is not noticeably greater than the 4D 200 18x20 for me, but I hit a fairly flat ball (IH FH and BH and eastern grips 4-4.5 level with 5.0 strokes, so I'm told). In stock form, it's a bit light and stiff for me. Groundstrokes are solid with good plow through and excellent feel. I restrung the modded frame with MSV Hex 17 on the mains and Unique Quasi Gut. With this setup the frame provides more spin and hits a heavier ball. Volleys are solid, and slices are a dream. Not the greates frame for serving, but I'm used to mids (MG, YTP mid and K90) and like them better for serving. Maneuverability is excellent, too. If I keep them, I'll make them more HL to suit my tasts (9-10 pts is ideal for me).

Not sure how to rate the racquet, but I think it's a solid 8 or 8.5/10 if the weight and balance are right for you. I prefer a softer feel and am leaning towards the AG 200, personally since I don't want to mess with too much lead and like a frame in the 12.2-12.3 oz range. Will play more with these and, if I don't keep them, it would only be the result of switching to a softer Dunlop frame (still having some wrist and elbow issues) like the AG200 or B200, if I can find a demo!

Hope that this helps.


PS The racquet is SWEET looking too, which doesn't hurt!

Naturally, your mileage may vary.