Dunlop Biomimetic 200


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Dunlop Biomimetic 200
Hi Guys and TW,

Just to let you know the review gives flex rating as 57 but the actual racquet says 62 which gives a 5 pt difference. I chose this racquet for the arm friendliness indicator and 57 was one of the lowest I came across. I guess 62is fairly low but my question is what is actually happening during play using a racquet with varying degrees of Flex and is there also a longterm physical benefit to elbow and shoulder through reduce stress and potential injury using a low flex and what is the beneficial cut off point if any ie 57, 60, 63 , 65, 70 etc.

After nearly three decades I have re-entered the tennis world from a golfing background and I have found the selection of equipment mind boggling and fascinating like an Aladdin's Cave. I want to do some experimenting but the end goal is to settle with the ideal racquet for my game. I did that with golf and now I would like to do that with tennis. I shall continue to play golf (single figure handicap) and mix the two sports. I thoroughly enjoy social tennis and as I improve will develop the competitive side of the game.

Comments and related experiences from golfers to tennis players and those who play both golf and tennis would be most welcomed.



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I use the 200 tour and think the flex might be around 60. It is way more flexy than most other frames around today.
Your question is kind of worded and not clear to me. But Bio 200 is a excellent racquet. Arm friendly, lots of control. I string mine with Pacific Classic Gut and MSV Cofocus at 55/52. Hits very nice, no arm soreness whatsoever. Very comfortable.