Dunlop D-Squad Concerns


Hi, I filled out a Dunlop D-Squad application and sent my tennis background to a player package manager yesterday and haven't heard back yet. All I want to know are the little things. What kind of questions did they ask you? What do you get with the player package and how much does it cost? How long until you heard back from them? Are the requirements very high (I think I qualify)?
If you could please just fill me in on everything I need to know to become a D-Squad member that would be great.
Don't worry, they should respond sometime next week. They will just ask you your ranking, and other stuff like that. The requirements are not very high at all. They give different packages depending on your ranking.


it will take longer, 3 weeks maybe.

Better than email that takes 3 months.
Here's the package options

Took this form from stan W which he posted a while back.
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