Dunlop Maxply Fort: $2.99


I was on yet another hunt for wooden frames and went in looking for the assorted sporting goods. I found tucked away in the corner of the store a bunch of golf clubs.

Underneath the golf clubs were the tennis rackets they had. An old metal junior frame...a beat up Pro Kennex wooden racket...a wooden junior racket (my two year-old daughter said, "That racket is for kids.). Then at the bottom of the pile I saw a leather gripped handle with the old Dunlop logo script.

I fished out the frame and it was a Dunlop Maxply Fort without strings. It was a bit banged up, but there was no real court rash. Any damage was strictly from being handled carelessly and thrown in a corner with a few rackets and an assortment of golf clubs piled on top.

I looked closer and realize that the frame had never been strung (no indentations in the wood characteristic of the past presence of tensioned strings). It is a "heavy" frame with a 4 5/8 grip size.

I don't intend to string it up. Strictly for a personal collectible. When I went to ring it up, the young woman at the register asked why I wanted one without strings. "There are ones in the back with strings," she said. My wife explained to her that I like to collect rackets.

I was pleasantly excited and I decided to check out another store.

There I found a beat up Slazenger Challenge No. 1, "light" with a 4 1/2 grip size with old dead natural gut strings for $0.99.

Thought I'd share with other racket geeks.


Great find!

I'm still trying to find the Maxply Fort. I can find JK's and the Challenge brand new, even many Wilson T-series ... but not even a single used Fort ...

When am I going to get lucky like you?


My mild excitement carried over until today so I decided to check out some other places....

No luck.

Oh well. I decided to check out my meager wooden racket collection and I realized that it needs work. I'm kinda set on finding them at thrift stores and yard sales just for the randomness of the possible find. I'm reluctant to do the e-bay thing if only for the prices alone.

The Maxply is one of my better frames now. My other favorites that are in good shape are a Wilson Advantage with the cover and a couple of Chris Evert Autographs with covers. Plus a T.A. Davis Imperial......My oldest frame is a Wilson Mary Sutton Bundy that makes me think of years past.....(I'm not that old by the way).

I've got a few examples of the JK Autograph that are in good but not pristine shape (with a couple of covers), and a junky JK Pro Staff. These I'm looking for better examples of.

Not a fan of the Wilson T-series.

I've also collected a couple of Arthur Ashe Comp. Edge.....Wilson Trabert Capris, Spalding Pancho Gonzales a several low-end woodies.

I guess since I've retired my Taiwanese Wilson PS 85s those are are part of the collection now since they've got the old-style graphics. Of course, I'd like the St. Vincent, but again, pricing is outrageous now....

Now, I'll just be on the lookout for good JK Autos and PSs, Dunlop Max200g, Maxply McEnroe, and Donnay Borg Pros.......


As I was reading your post I was like ... Oops! where's the tissue paper ...

I was kinda ... drooled ...