dunlop maxply mcenroe (graphite) users?


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anyone still using this racquet?

if so, what is your string set-up.

I weighted up a HM300G to the same specs as a Bio Max200G and just strung it with syn gut at 52lbs.

Not the most exciting string set up I know, but it works very well and and provides a nice even feel.

I actually have a few HM300s at varying weights that I have tinkered with and I have tried a few string tensions. All with syn gut, because I just prefer it.

60lbs was like hitting with a plank of wood. 55lbs was ok, but made the sweetspot small and really emphasised the low power. 45-47lbs was ok, but a bit erratic.

50-52lbs was just right for me. Nice feeling sweetspot, a touch of power but still loads of control.

All just my personal preferences though.
I like this racquet a lot, especially the cosmetic. Have Bio Max 200G as well and five HM and M-Fil 300. Customize all these sticks to similar weight ( about 340 gr) and also put some stuff inside handles for more solid and comfy feeling.
Friend has one, used to have two until few weeks ago.
Anyway, Copolymer at 56-58 range. He generally steals/borrows my reels so Volkl 16g or 17g, or similar. I got other reels but all similar copolymer. He's very flat hitter by today's standards.
Those are such beautiful racquets. If memory serves, they were just a hot paintjob on an otherwise unspectacular older mold. A pity because I'd have loved to wielded such a wand of gorgeousness.