Dunlop Maxply


Hi, I recently got a dunlop maxply and a dunlop maxply fort, and I was wondering if there were any differences between the two? I'm new to the woodie scene so I don't really know much about the 2.

Oh and are there any wooden presses anyone have that want to give out? I already have one but the maxply doesn't have a press itself. But if not, then I understand and I'll look for one on the bay if I have to.

Thanks for looking!


They should be the same frame.

I have over 100 wood frames, none of which are in presses. I don't think you really need one.


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It´s basically the same racquet. But you have to understand, that this frame was first introduced in 1933 and built till the end of the 70´s.

So there are many incarnations of this racquet.
I own about two dozen of them, amongst them a Maxply Fort Lew Hoad.

I also agree that you don´t need presses for wood racquets, particularly if you don´t play with them. If i buy woodies on the bay, i usually try to convince the seller to not send me the press, because they need to much space.