Dunlop McEnroe Comp II (16x18)


Have anybody in here every use this racquet, how does it feel, it is a player racquet right? Is this the classic racquet? It have McEnroe name on it.. Dunlop have a new racquet for mr. Mac himself. Is that somewhat similar to this one???

I found this in an artic of my friend house, no string... what tension would be good on it.. I may string it at 55 and hit with it :)



YES!! I found someone else that has this racket.

I found it a few years ago in a closet in my house, Brown leather grip, 16x18, old gut strings probably around 40 lbs. by now. Great racket, all black with a red stripe a la prostaff but with mcenroe COMP II written on it, all graphite.

Anyone else have this racket? Know the exact specs, weight and flex?