Dunlop Revelation Tour 90 - Question for Anirut?


Hi Anirut,

Just got hold of a 2nd hand frame and I remember you rave about this racket.

Before I get it restrung, I wonder what's your set up?

I'm thinking of a Babolat Hybrid Hurricane Tour+XCel 16 hybrid - tension low 50s.

Please let me know what you think.



Hi sunflower,

You're lucky to have gotten it !!!

I have mine with simple nylon, 17g, at 55 lbs. I've tried TF SpinFire Maxipower a long time ago and it was pretty good at mid-low tension.

If you're stringing it yourself, why not try it with cheapo nylon first just to get a feel for it? Otherwise I'd say a mid-low 50's would certainly do.

I've once tried it at 62 with the TF mentioned and I should think using a plank to hit the ball should be easier.

You'll certainly enjoy the racket!


Thanks - low 50s would probably be my preference.

Do you know what the balance and swing weight is?
The strung weight is 340g.


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I had one and sold it. It weighed about 345 grams with overgrip. SW was in the mid 320s. I had it at 57/55 with pacific force 18/psgd 18. Thin gauge at mid 50s works best on this one. With the tight string pattern and small headsize, 62 would definitely stiffen it up to feel like a board like anirut mentioned. Enjoy it!