Dunlop Swingweight Machine Calibration?


Hi all,

I just got a Dunlop SW machine (seems like the same thing as an Accuswing just rebranded). I was trying to figure out how it works when I noticed that the calibration port seems to be blocked (at least, the manual indicates it's the calibration port). Fortunately right now the machine is calibrated correctly, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do when it falls out of calibration. They include a calibration rod and a small screwdriver to adjust the calibration but with the port blocked it's pretty useless.

Picture included. Thanks in advance!



The plastic cap comes/pops off. The cap is there to prevent inadvertent messing around with the screw. Use a fine blade screwdriver to pry the cap off.


so did the OEM get a better contract for dunlop and stopped selling to alpha? noticed alpha discontinued the accuswing...

dangit, was just debating to invest in one but suddenly instead of 850 it's over a grand =(


I just bought the Dunlop machine and I'm finding it impossible to remove this cap to adjust. Calibration rod is coming in at 198 cm/2 for me.
I had to pry/lift to off with a flat head screwdriver. The cap stem has flares that press against the body. Mine calibrated at 199 of a tiny adjustment was needed.


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same experience. 199...cap difficult to remove. Then I turned it off and threatened to throw it in the trash. I turned it back on and it said 200. I still want to get the cap off one day. lol