Durability Guarantee: different Size?


Has anyone ever sent in a pair of shoes for a durability guarantee and requested a different size? My feet are still growing, and I always assumed I couldn't do this, so I didn't bother sending in a pair of T9's I wore through in 3 months that no longer fit.


Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Personally, I don't see why not, but I can also see why companies would refuse too. I have, however, on one case, recieved a different size than the shoe I sent in. Unfortunately it was a half-size SMALLER. Kinda annoying.


Could a moderator please move this to the TW Questions/Comments section? I think I'm more likely to get an answer there.

Geezer Guy

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I've returned shoes for replacements several times due to durability (while under the warrenty). I've not asked for a different size, but I don't see why it would matter. And, what have you got to lose? Worst case, they say no.

You can only replace shoes 1 time. After that, you have to actually buy a new pair. So, it's not like you can buy just one pair and keep trading them in until you become an adult.


Companies usually state that you get the same size replacement, but it can't hurt to send them in with a little note asking very kindly to give you a different size. Worst thing that can happen: they say no (like Geezer Guy said) and you get a pair back that you can give to one of your friends or family members.