Dustin Brown - the most wonderful player in the history of tennis


No kidding!

3,8 kg extra weight in his rastafari-hair
Most people have a fist pump. He also had a knee pump.

Prefered shots: dropshot, tweener, lob, stop volley and smash
Last resort shots: backhand and forehand
Style of serve: flat and fast first serve. Flat and fast second serve.

Best hands on the tour

Fun facts:

He made onkel Toni lie after Rafa met him the second time. Toni claimed he didn’t know who he was even though it was the second time he beat Rafa.
He spend most of his career in an auto camper.

Absolute GOAT in entertainment, style, charisma and smile. My favorite player by far.


kevin qmto

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Sadly after his back surgery his mobility was greatly diminished. I’m not sure how it was connected but it sure was noticeable. Watching him just swing out and smash winners from any part of the court was thrilling beyond belief. Even in matches he’d lose 2/6, 2/6 you could isolate 5 unreal highlight points from Brown.

He is, by a country mile, my favorite ‘bad’ tennis player.

Because sometimes he pulls off shots even the greats can’t do.


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Dustin was a journeyman but an incredibly entertaining and dangerous one, especially on grass. Sadly age (he is now 38) and injuries have caught up with him but he leaves us with many entertaining memories.


With Dustin it was never about tournament results, but about the moment and the spectacle. On grass he always had that one huge upset in him that could happen any day, and then he would lose in the next match to a total nobody. But I think he is perfectly happy with what he did. And from his interviews it was apparent that off-court he's a much more serious and quiet guy than many people thought.

Apart from his wins against Nadal I will never forget his Wimbledon match against Kyrgios. It went to 5 sets and yet lasted just over 2 hours. And ironically, for once Kyrgios was the solid player who won in the end but couldn't shine and show off against Dustin's trickshots that day. I don't think Kyrgios really liked that. :cool:

But one thing is a pity: That Dustin never played against Roger Federer. That certainly could have happened in Halle one year, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. Would have been a shotmaking parade.


John McEnroe was almost right when he said:

He's in top 10 when it comes to low percentage shots but he's not in top 100 with the high percentage shots.

In my opinion he wasn't just in top 10. He had the best hands in the sport.

The way he used the whole court was magnificent.
He is by far the player I search for the most on youtube. Especially when I get tired of watching players standing five meters behind the baseline.