Eagnas Flex 940 swivel clamp issues

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    May 23, 2010
    Brown. It looked like auto grease and had the same consistency, but was sort of tacky.
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    Jan 18, 2005
    A Cheap Temporary Fix...


    I have a Flex 940 that is about 8 years old, and one of my ConeLock clamp bases stripped out and would no longer lock down. In an attempt to fix it, I tried to disassemble the clamp to figure out which part needed to be replaced. As I was doing this, I found that the "channel nut" that fits into the slot on the base was locked/stripped into place and that I could not easily unscrew it. Using two lock grips, I tried to force it, and the entire bolt sheared in half!!! Here's an exploded view of the results:


    I e-mailed Maxline/Eagnas to find out how much it would cost to replace the parts, but did not get a reply in a timely manner. Meanwhile, I really needed to string my racquets as I had broken the strings in all my personal frames and wanted to get back out on the court (without having to pay for a tennis store to string the racquets).

    After reading through this thread, I made a short trip down to our local Lowe's Home Improvement store and purchased the following items:

    • 138188 Metric Wing Nut 8MM-1.25 for $1.09
    • 138144 Metric Flat Washers 8MM for $0.80
    • 138129 Hex Head Bolt 8MM-1.24X50MM for $0.92
    • 138182 Metric Hex Nuts 8MM (5) for $0.76

    The total spend was $3.86 with tax.

    When I got home, I used some WD40 and lock grips to get the old "channel nut" off of the broken bolt. I then used the new bolt, 2 of the new washers, 2 of the new nuts, the old swivel base, the 4 old top washers, and the new wing nut to reassemle the base. Here is a view of what I put together and how it looks assembled:



    The new mechanism now clamps on and off by a simple turn of the wing nut and seems to work fine. I've strung 2 racquets since trying this and the base locks down like it should.

    To note, I only string about 25 or 30 frames per year, so I don't heavily use the machine and I don't care about speed when stringing. I do look at this as a temporary solution until I can do a more permanent one that might work better. If I was stringing professionally, perhaps the wing nut would not be fun or efficient to use. However, it sure was cheap, and I thought I share in case someone else runs into a similar jam.
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    Feb 23, 2006
    Flex 940 Turntable Wobble

    I've had a Flex 940 for nearly five years and it's been a really reliable machine. I've used a Wise on it since the first week.

    My only real complaint with the 940 is that the turntable continually wobbles. It seems I have to take an Allen wrench to the main bolt under the turntable every 3-4 frames to tighten it, only to have it loosen (and wobble again) after a few more frames. I've tried Lok-tite, but that didn't seem to work very well. Does anyone know of a viable solution to stop this wobbling??
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    Jun 13, 2006
    I know this thread is a little old maybe the user is still on here I was wondering how this set up buying from McMaster went?

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    His last post was in July of 2010 but he does accept emails maybe you should send him one if you want the answer
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    Jan 23, 2013
    I'm going to resurrect this thread...

    I had the stripped thread issue on my Flex 940, so I bought exactly what was suggested here. I did have to drill out the base a little to fit the 3/8" instead of 8mm, and I also got a pair of 3/8" ID fender washers from Loews just because I thought it needed them.

    But, it all works great!! Easier to tighten because of the thrust bearing and smoother too. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think there is less drawback as well. Thanks TT forums!

  7. MrRandom247

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    Feb 17, 2015
    You guys are magic.
    Good idea as a backup.
    My central locking clamp is shot, stripped, parts missing.
    I have 9mm base slot width.
    8mm seems like the right width.
    I'll see how I go.
  8. MrRandom247

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    Feb 17, 2015
    Epsilon machine is stainless steel nut free.
    All new parts are stainless steel.
    1 x M8 50mm bolt (hardware store)
    1 x M8 wing nut (hardware store) but then replaced with:
    1 x M8 nylon handle Grand Soliel brand (local junkyard) - gets more locking torsion than wing nut

    All washers as per original layout.
    Works very well for loose change.
    Have spare parts for future.
    No lubrication yet - can add lithium white spray to thread?
    Here are some pics:


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