Eagnas Flex 940 to Alpha Ghost 2


We had a Prince 6000 at the shop but his contract ended and so he took his machine with him. A friend of mine got the shop and I loaned her my Flex 940. Problem right now is that the weekly racquet volume is high and it's low season here in Puerto Rico (no leagues, last junior tournament is running this weekend).

I think it's time to move to an electronic again and I'm thinking the Ghost 2 is the best bang for your buck. Everything will be better but what I'm looking forward to is smoothly sliding the clamp bases around.

Cost will be a little less than $3300 ($600 shipping). Is this my best option?


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Hard to imagine you'd do any better than the Ghost 2 in the situation your describe...even having to spend $600 on shipping.

Might be worthwhile to know or find out who you would contact for service, warranty, etc. If Alpha customer service in the US supports Puerto Rico...that alone is a huge selling feature. Mark Gonzales at Alpha is as good as they come.


@am1899 - as a Prince 1500/Wise user who loves his machine, I couldn't agree more with you. If I were in a full time stringing role, I would not buy anything other than the Ghost 2 especially when you consider you could get two of them for what one similarly equipped Babolat current machine would run.