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  1. PrinceN3ung1

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    Sep 24, 2006
    This is great evidence of Eagnas's bad cs even though im looking to buy one of their cranks cuz of the great price. It definately sounds like a chinese guy answering the questions cuz of the bad grammar (no offense to chinese ppl), it actually kind of humors me. They say no to 5 out of 6 questions lol....

    "Special Deal Questions"

    1. If I were to buy the Eagnas 10 and 2 badminton clamps, can you substitute the Free reel of tennis string with badminton string instead?

    No, we do not substitute the Free reel of tennis string with any other string.

    2. I would like to purchase the EAG-350 and the Eagnas Poly Nova Titanium 16 tennis string (this is for $19.95 right?). Am I limited to get only one reel for $19.95? or can I purchase multiple amounts for $19.95 each?

    You could purchase the strings as many as you like. But this is only one time deal.

    3. I would like to purchase the Hawk 26e and the TTU-65 Pro Six Thermo Bag, Silver and Black color. But the sales clerk informs me that the TTU-65 Pro Six Thermo Bag (Silver and Black color) is out of stock. You have the TTU-158 (Orange and Black) and TTU-160 (Red and Black) in stock. But I really like the TTU-65. Can I still purchase it later on for $19.95?

    No, we do not take the rain check. But later on you could purchase it with the member price $24.95. It is still an excellent price.

    4. I want to purchase the Flex 940. But I do not need the free string ($75.00). Could you deduct $75.00 from the machine price?

    No, you can not reduce the machine price by $75.00

    5. My son wants to purchase the Flex 920. The machine comes with the Perfect Spin (top spin) string. My son does not use this type of string. Can you substitute this string with the other type string instead?

    No, we do not substitute this string with any other string. If we give you the bad string, you are going to throw it away anyway. Therefore, we will not provide the bad string to you. The Perfect Spin string is an excellent string. You son shall try and test this string. He will like this string.

    6. If I don't need any free string, could I get any discount from my purchase?

    No, you will not get any discount.
  2. LttlElvis

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    Dec 2, 2005
    LOL. I have seen that on the website and thought it was pretty funny too. Also this:


    However, you talk about evidence of Eagnas bad service, yet you are still looking at them because of the price?

    In defense of Eagnas, they do serve a certain market for people who want an inexpensive stringer, or lots of features for the price. Yes, customer service is not their forte, but thanks to these message boards, one can make an informed decision whether to buy from them or not.

    I am all for people stating their experiences, good and bad. Of course the bad is always louder, and rightly so.

    Sometimes I feel like bashing Eagnas is like bashing a fast food chain for not giving 5 star restaurant service.
  3. DADYO

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    Apr 24, 2005
    What's the point of this thread??

    What's so bad about this?

    Question 1) Ok, so they don't want to substitute the string, not too great, but oh well.
    Question 2) They allow you to buy as many reels as you want for 19.95, even if you're buying 1 machine, that's AWESOME.
    Question 3) If everyone were to call them back a month after purchasing a machine saying "Remember me?? I'm that guy that bought a machine, I'd like my discounted bag now" that would mean ALOT of more stuff to manage, handle and keep track of for them.
    Question 4) Their answer makes perfect sense
    Question 5) Same as question 1
  4. theace21

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    Feb 25, 2004
    They have the cheapest prices for stringers around...Customer service and quality control is something you have to pay for. Call Eagnas, and then call Alpha - ask a few questions, ask their opinions...You get what you pay for. If you want a cheap stringers, and are willing to deal with lack of support - Go Eagnas...If you want someone to listen to your questions and concerns, go else where...You get what you pay for!!!

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