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    Feb 23, 2004
    In NorCal we have what we call Early Start leagues. That means the 2007 Senior and Mixed seasons started in September, and as of now are almost through local league play. Needless to say, these teams started before 2007 ratings were out. To adjust for that NorCal uses Early Start Ratings (ESRs), which come out in June. These ratings take into account adjustments for matches played in 2006, but does not include the adjustments from 2006 Nationals, which happened after the Early Start leagues began.

    For example, last year, our 2006 National Champion Senior 3.0 ladies were from Mission Hills. These ladies all started their 2006 season in September 2005 as either tennislink or NorCal ESR 3.0. But, by Dec 2005, when calculating in National benchmarks, most of these ladies were given 2006 NTRP ratings of 3.5. Because they had played most of the season when the 2006 ratings came out they were allowed to continue on play 3.0 for the senior team, but had to play adult season as 3.5. By the time Nationals roled around in October of 2006 five of the six ladies in the senior W3.0 lineup had been rated 3.5 for almost a year.

    This year NorCal is instituting an "Up and Out" rule for the senior league. They noted that these ladies, and many others in all levels of our senior league didn't cheat. But NorCal's policy of the Early Start leagues made it unfair at the National level. So this year, if you got bumped in the year end ratings you could continue to play the local league season at your old level, but could only compete in local playoffs, districts, or sectionals at your new rating. Originally they also were going to use this rule in Mixed leagues, but because so many who played adult league got bumped up, and the outcry was so fierce, they dropped that for this year. (So yes, a 3.5 who got bumped to 4.0 for 2007 could play for NorCal at Nationals in 2007 as a 3.5 in Mixed.) The seniors are still trying to get the new rule dropped, but have yet to be successful.

    So my question is, how do other areas get around this? Do you play all National level leagues outside of fall? And if so what do your calendars look like? Do you have Early Start leagues? And if so how do you deal with the year end rating discrepancies?
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    Aug 31, 2006
    Um . . . I'm not sure I followed all of that, but I'll take a shot.

    I'm in mid-Atlantic. We all play our spring season, which leads to Nationals. That season ends in early July. Everyone sits out the heat of July and August, doing tournaments if they want.

    Then the fall season begins, with Senior, Mixed, and separate Combo for men
    and women. Everyone competes at their old USTA rating. For Combo, there is no disqualification. I think there can be disqualification for self-rated senior or mixed players.

    Then in January, we do the same thing but I think there will be playoffs for senior and combo. Mixed goes to nationals, I think, but I'm not sure on that last. Everyone competes with their new USTA rating, received the previous November.

    Make sense?
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    Big Canoe, GA
    Here, the winter session starts in October. We play each opposing team 1 time. Then the new ratings come out, and players are added and dropped as needed. Then we play each opposing team again. The winter session ends in March.

    The summer session runs April - June.

    Then the winner of the Winter session plays the winner of the Summer session to see who goes to Sectionals.
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    Feb 23, 2004
    So you have two seasons a year for Mixed, combo and seniors? One in the fall, and one that starts in January? And the Mixed and senior that starts in Jan goes to Nationals? Is that right? Or do your fall leagues just continue through January, playing with their old ratings?

    Each of our leagues only plays once a year. Right now its:

    National leagues (leagues eventually percolate up to Nationals):
    Adult season - March to July
    Senior 60 - July to Oct
    Senior - Sept to Jan
    Mixed - Sept to Jan

    Sectional leagues (leagues finish with Sectionals, don't play outside NorCal)
    Senior 65 - March to May
    Fifty Mixed - May to July
    Combo - Aug to Dec

    Adult, Senior 60, Senior 65, and Fifty Mixed play off of end of the year ratings. Senior, Mixed, and Combo play off of ESR ratings, which are DNTRPs frozen in June.
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    Apr 7, 2004
    I believe I understand the question:

    We play a fall "adult/senior" league. We are wrapping up our Fall season now. The winners of these leagues will advance to the Regional/State tournaments (along with the winners of the Spring '07 leagues) in June '07.

    Players at a level during the Fall (3.5 for example) may have got bumped up in the end of year ratings that just came out. But that does not necessarly mean they cannot play at the regionals. Depending on how they do at 4.0 in the Spring, they could be DQ for the State tourney. I'm seen many players get DQ'd in these conditions.

    Teams that win the Fall, may also win the league in the Spring. In this case, the team decides which of the two teams to take to the State (assuming some differences). Also, a player may have played on 2 different teams, both winning the league. Again he must choose which to advance with.

    We also play a Mixed and Combo league in the early and later summer respectively. So really we have 4 leagues. The longest time we have off is late Nov to late Jan. But the Fall season always has a hard time due to weather, thus the reason we are still playing now.
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    Aug 31, 2006

    We have three distinct, separate seasons. I am less sure of how senior and mixed work, but I'm sure about ladies/men only play. For 2006, it is:

    January-April -- Senior, Mixed, gender Combo
    April - July -- Senior, Mixed, gender on-level play
    September - December -- Senior, Mixed, gender Combo

    For Jan. 2007, they are adding ladies' daytime on-level play.

    Players keep their ratings from Nov. 2006-Nov. 2007. In December, some players have been raised, but they keep their old ratings for that one month to finish out the season. Teams scramble for Jan. play because of the ratings changes.

    I love our league. They try to schedule about 12 matches per flight. All matches, winter or summer, are played indoors. No rain delays and suchlike.

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