Earth's Mightiest Warrior talks about revenge


Basically, insulting and downright defamatory threads about Rafa don't get taken down yet anything slightly negative about Djokovic or Federer have a short shelf life.
Joking aside, that is not right and they should be reported to the mods.


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Why didn't anybody save the snake?

I saved an injured bird on the road once, it recovered and flew again in the wild. It was the most satisfying feeling.


A 34 year old father of two fascinated by a morality tale. The life of a professional athlete is a sad one.


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Djokovic thinks the tennis establishment is attacking him so he started the PTPA to fight them but he will find that he waill come out the more damaged.


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Even Dimitrov has. That says a lot.
Using that "logic," then let's denigrate the FO since Gaudio and Costa have won it.

The YEC is without any question (and provably so) the fifth most important tournament in the men's game. It's impossible to deflect or argue against since an undefeated winner takes home 1500 ranking points, just 500 fewer than a slam. Your precious OGM offers the winner zero points. But of course, had Rafa never won an OGM, it would never be mentioned or inflated to a ludicrous degree, no? ;)