Effect of counterbalancing at 7 inch location vs buttcap


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I want to change the balance point of my Head IG Prestige MP from 32,5 cm to 32 cm.

I am not sure where I should add weight. I am considering the following:
  • at 7 inch from the buttcap (just right above the handle) or;
  • silicone gel into the handle

What will be the effects?


Well the question is how much weight you wanna end up with. If you want as little as possible, then add the weight to the buttcap.


In my exp. adding lead above the grip adds a bit of length to my shots whereas weight in the butt does not, and even seems to reduce power a bit. So, depends what effect you want.


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I've found that as grip mass moves away from a point just under my palm the frame feels increasingly sluggish.

I've tried this experiment with the following results:

Starting with two otherwise matched frames add mass above your palm on one frame and directly under you palm on the other.

The balance point for both will be different but only slightly. However, the one with mass just above your palm will feel more sluggish.

Then try a frame with mass under your palm and the other with mass just before your palm, right at the butt cap. The former will feel very steady but the latter will feel more whippy.

After these experiments I now spread mass from the butt cap up to the top of my palm and no further (ie nothing under my fingers). Once I go under and past my fingers the frame feel too sluggish to me. I'd rather do multiple wraps of extra mass between the butt cap and top of palm rather than go above that point in order to maintain maneuverability.

If adding a lot of mass (several grams at least) I might do a few grams in 1/4" lead tape directly under the center of my palm, about 2" or so up the handle, and the rest in heavy vinyl electrical tape spread from butt cap to top of palm. The vinyl tape helps spread the extra mass for an even feel and provides extra cushion over the harsh lead.


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also felt adding weight at the bottom of the handle does do much. Weight at the top of the handle added some control to the volley.


Agree with what was said above.

I find that adding weight at 3-5" significantly changes the character of the racquet: it becomes slower, harder to swing, but also hits much more solid. Vibrations are reduced as well. This may be worth doing, if a racquet is very light and too whippy to begin with.

Adding weight to the buttcap does not really do anything in my experience. It does not make it easier to swing, and it does not reduce vibrations. Only if done with a very soft material -- rubber bands -- you would feel a dampening effect.

If it is dampening that you are after, you can achieve a lot more dampening by swithcing to Wilson Shock Shield grip, or using rubber strips on the handle.


I would concur with TimothyO, with the caveat being the results will vary depending on the frame being used. I would suggest trying 3 set ups and see which one you like the best; all in the butt cap, all at top of the handle and strips down the length of the handle so its mostly under your hand. To me it has seemed like the more headlight the racquet is to begin with the more I like the weight at the top of the handle, with racquets like a blade 98 where the balance is fairly even it does indeed make the racquet feel sluggish.


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Thanks for all your tips!

I 'll experiment myself with the various locations.

I also read this into another thread about counterbalancing.
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