Ektelon model H owner's manual


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Ektelon stringer manual

The Prince Neos 1000 is essentially the same machine as the Ektelon Model H. I have an Adobe file with the entire manual for the Neos. It is 21 pages (4.68 MB) and has general operational instructions along with a complete diagram of all parts and part numbers.

It can be downloaded from this page:
(see the link that says "Click here to download the Prince Neos 1000 instruction manual")

If you are unable to download the file, please send an email to me at jeffbritt@csallc.com ... I will be glad to forward a copy to you.

Also, if you ever need parts or advice on maintaining your machine, the following site will take care of all your needs: http://www.tennismachines.com/tennismachines/index.html

The Ektelon Model H (a.k.a. Prince Neos 1000) is the sturdiest, most reliable, and intelligently designed machine ever made. I have done 4,000+ rackets on Ektelon machines over 3 decades, and don't ever want to use anything else.

Happy stringing!


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I will send you a copy tomorrow. If you need sooner than that, the Neos 1000 manual is substantially similar. You can download that from TW


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When you have a moment, I'd also appreciate a copy of the manual (cmendoza.cmx@gmail.com)
Thanks in advance.


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Thanks again.
The Model "H" manual is so much more useful for my purposes (as compared with the more readily available Neos 1k manual).


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Mr. Ply, can I jump on the bandwagon as well? I know this is an older thread, but I just purchased a model H and would love to have a copy of the manual if you wouldn't mind sending it.
My email is joshlukins@gmail.com.
Thanks very much in advance,
Glad to. But I will have to send it tomorrow when I have access to my electronic copy of it.


Has anyone ever installed the new base that has the swivel clamps as opposed to the bar clamps?? I wanted to do this but didn't know how they were??


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Thanks MaxPly - sorry but it looks like I need the Neos 1000 Manual too as e my Model H has later version (neos) clamps and I want to make sure I adjust them properly. MaxPly if you or any one else has the Neos 1000 manual please send it to stephen@philipusa.com.

I am trying not to ask too many questions before I have read the manuals. Cheers