Electronic stringing machines durability


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Hi, I wanted to ask some more experienced people about the durability of electronic stringing machines. How often do they break? How often do they need minor or major repairs? I'm going to buy my first stringing machine and I found quite cheap electronic stringing machine, but I'm worried that it will be more problematic to maintain than manual machines. I'm afraid that once something goes wrong with electronic machine, it would be very hard to fix compared to dw or cranck machine.


If you are worried sbout servicing and parts, then just get a name brand that is likely to be around when the tension head malfunctions. You pay for what you get. Go cheap and the manufacturer/dealer may not be around when you need them. Mechanical parts normally do not malfunction unless you inadvertently damage them.

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I was nervous about the reliability of electric machines, but I got to use one for a couple months when my basic drop weight machine broke... go figure.

The machine I got to use was a Gamma 5800 (floor stand type, electric tensioner) and that was pretty nice. It turned out that Gamma's customer service had a pretty great reputation, so that gave me more confidence when I got a Gamma Prog. II ELS. I've had it for at least seven years and it's been 100% trouble free.

A pal of mine got one of these machines, too - probably no more than a year after I got mine. He had to use Gamma's customer service to take care of a pretty simple issue with one of his clamps, but he said that dealing with them was fast and easy. He strings even more than I do and that was the only issue he had to iron out. So apparently the electric tensioners on both of our machines have been bullet proof so far.


I've owned a Wise and a Babolat Mighty Sensor. The Wise was great. I sent my first one in once for a checkup. The second one was basically new when I bought my Mighty Sensor. The Mighty Sensor is like a tank so far.


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Prince 5000 in my shop since 2013. A thousand rackets strung per year. Works like new and not one issue. Knock wood! Lucky owner of a Prince 1500 that lives in my house.

Electronic stringing machine is like a car. If you take good care of it, it will last a very long time. My Alpha Ghost machine is still working very well after five years. A friend of mine has had a Prince 6000 for almost ten years and it is working like new.