Elusive Priority 1


I donno if anyboyd else has noticed this (or cared to check) but It seems to be impossible for the non-ATP public to get ahold of Priority 1 stringing guys. I've got Roman Prokes' number in NY, and heck, I've got Bosworth on my speed dial. They both seem to be really nice guys, giving me tons of advice on my racket and what to do for free, quite often suggesting things I do on my own that would be cheaper than sending it in to them. Bosworth has to be the nicest famous guy i know (I guess he's only famous amongst us tennis nerds) but first time i talked to him for about 30 minutes and he even asked my name and college im playin for etc. I've always (just for kicks) wanted to say i had sampras's stringer on my speed dial, but i guess bosworth isn't a half bad contact to have.