Emma spilled blood to win


just saying,, any little scrape of the skin with any little tiny blood showing,,,, MTO,,,, MRTO,,,,, and stalling if score calls for it,,,, look at that ,, blood is pouring out

This can be obtained by carying shaving razors in their pockets and using them on demand… I think we’re on to something here

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some of you have to be completely, embarrasingly and utterly stupid to question her MTO. there are safety protocols in place you numbskulls!!!!


Emma slid on the court surface and took the skin off her shin to the extent it bled. Ligit time out. Salty fans looking for excuses to undermine Raducanu’s performance. Dry your eyes.
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lol, I love threads like this, it made "my ignore list" nomination much easier, no need to go through 20+ page thread to sift out, one page and it's done!