Employer & Unemployment Question

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SITUATION: I've been getting unemployment since I became unemployed & continued to fill out continued claim forms when I got my part-time job. My employer just left a message for me saying she got my notice for unemployment & she wants me to call her back to talk about it. I can't tell if she's mad/annoyed or what. I haven't called her back yet. BTW, my boss is a one-person company, meaning she owns her own business. Maybe she's unaware that people can still get unemployment while working part-time. (I've only gotten $93 in UI anyway since I began working...pooh!)

QUESTION: Exactly what does EDD have the employer do on THEIR END if an employee of theirs gets UI? Any & all info would be appreciated.


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Report your hours worked and earnings from the day you started. Workers Compensation Fraud is a felony and our state still has the death penalty.
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