Endurance training without losing weight?


I'm still relatively young, but after I turned 20 I noticed I've been getting tired more and more easily (and sweating profusely). I've been doing weight training for hypertrophy, and now I'm wanting to up my endurance during tennis matches. Hypertrophy will always be the number one priority, so I'm not very willing to do any sort of endurance exercise that may lead to weight loss. All I've done is some jogging (to exhaustion--I'd estimate 1.5-2 miles).

My cardiovascular fitness isn't very good. On a treadmill, I've timed myself to about a 15 minute mile. And recently, I was able to play with a girl who plays college tennis. Normally, the opponent I play can't keep a ball in play during a warmup for more than 5 strokes. The girl I played with, we had (what I'd estimate) a 30+ stroke rally. After that one rally I was winded. I get pretty tired in doubles matches after a long rally, and it's a lot worse in singles.

But still, number one priority is hypertrophy. Any help is appreciated.


Add endurance training and eat as many extra calories as you are burning with the added endurance training. Bam, no weight loss.

Edit: for the endurance training I recommend HIIT. Start with very little volume and work your way up (your first session might not even last two minutes if you're doing it correctly.)
You should be able to walk a mile in about 15 minutes so if it was me I'd take up jogging and up the distance until I could go 4 or 5 miles at a 7-8 minute pace. Back in my 20's I was into running and it is amazing how once you get in proper shape how easy and enjoyable it is. The easiest way to replace any calories used would be to add some sort of muscle builder sports shake after your run.