EOY game of chess between Federer & Nadal


Currently Nadal has a comfortable lead over Federer, but probably feels the fatigue of a long and intensive season, with many more matches/tournaments played compared to Federer and possibly a knee-injury bothering him. I guess both want the EoY No.1 spot, but not at any cost.
Who want's the top spot end of the year more? What is the tactic? Not in terms of how they play a match, but what tournaments to still play. What other goals come into play? Winning ATP Finals? Thinking of 2018, AO and further?

Nadal pulled out of Basel early, for sure to get some rest for his body and knee. He can afford that and Basel means nothing to him. Federer on the other hand could trade Basel for Paris, where he can earn a huge pile more points. Or he could go all in and play Basel and Paris, but might risk overplaying and being tired for the ATP finals and even risk his fitness for 2018.
Nadal on the other hand could lay low until London and even if Roger books Basel and Paris will still have a point lead and feel for sure fresher than Federer.
So I think, it really is a bit of a chess game right now. Nadal made the first move by pulling out of Basel and opening the door for Roger to maybe go for the EoY NO. 1 spot. What are the next moves?
Discuss...but please, refrain from going back to what has happened earlier this year...there is plenty of places to discuss that.


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Thing is, Fed is presumably thinking primarily about his legacy and that means winning a couple more slams if possible. So everything is going to be subordinate to that. No doubt he'd have been quite happy to have been No 1 but can't see him risking 2018 for it.

In the public mind I don't think YE 1 means all that much -most people probably think Nadal and Fed have had equally good years.

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Its mind games after winning Basel, force Nadal to play Paris and injured his knees further.

Nadal could get it done in paris QF but likely to meet players like Pouille/Krygios/Cilic/Dimitrov.

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I think Nadal ends year end number one, Federer wins WTF beating Nadal along the way. Setting up the AO in epic fashion, since Earth's Mightiest will be returning along with the rest of the gang.


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Depends on what Fed wants between YE1 or just a return to No.1 again later next year. He cannot have both definitely.

Fed stretches, gets all 3 - basel, paris, WTF, YE1. He's gonna be tired and don't expect the AO win again.
Fed loses YE1, wins WTF though? - Good but he ain't getting No.1 again, unless he plays clay next year (That's a big question). Because he has to repeat him AO, IW, Miami success and still will only just match the points and gain nothing. If he has to get No.1 again, he will have to play clay above and beyond repeating early 2017 and that's not something we can look forward to.

Anything lesser than these two scenario, gets him nothing more than few titles. To me, it looks like a strange scenario in history that even after finishing a close No.2 and having momentum in new season, he's still not guaranteed a no.1 any point next year.
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I don't think Fed cares that much about being ranked #1 any more, and it's remarkable that he's relatively close to still being #1, despite this indifference.

Nadal OTOH will get a legacy boost from a fourth YE #1. Bizarre how his top spots are so spaced out (2008, 2010, 2013, 2017).