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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Eric Matuszewski, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Eric Matuszewski

    Eric Matuszewski Rookie

    Feb 19, 2004
    Dear Bill,

    I’m sorry to have offended you. Would have posted sooner, but been very busy. I respect that you are trying to contribute and think we have more in common than in difference. We both love tennis and want to see it grow. I’ve got a proposal...

    Lets be a team working to promote knowledge of tennis.

    This doesn’t mean we have to get all sapy and agree on everything. To the contrary, we can have passionate debate.

    We can use tension to get people excited!

    Imagine a show on the Tennis Channel. I hardly watch TV (except for tennis) your input is appreciated here.

    You’d be kind of the laid back old school guy from the West Coast with eastern grip, wooden racket, closed stance, short inseam etc. You get the picture.

    I’d be the rebelious arrogant ***** from the East Coast with western grip, open stance, wearing black and no collar in the summer. We’d get into it kind of like Pardon the Interuption. Kind of like Patrick McEnroe and Clif Drysdale, only you’d make more sense than Drysdale and we wouldn’t be required to kiss anybody’s butt. We could just call it like we see it.

    I’m thinking we call it “Full Western” Western...

    People who don’t care about tennis might even stop flipping channels just to see what were gonna say.

    Either way, anytime you are in New York/New Jersey I promise to buy you lunch and listen carefully to whatever you have to say.

    And when ever I next travel out to California, I promise to take a lesson from you at full cost.

    To the rest of you I’m out of time. Stay tuned to TW for good postings comming soon.
  2. bcaz

    bcaz Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    Hey, Bill:

    We don't know who Eric is, he seems to be a competent observer of the game, but this maganimous approach is ... well, those of us who have read your contributions with keen interest hope you will focus on specific inquiries from players rather than duelling with others. Keep sending them back, Bill, and thanks.

  3. Cypo

    Cypo Rookie

    Feb 11, 2004
    Hi Eric,
    Teaching pros are certainly the most highly valued contributors to the Tips section, and I hope that you will continue to share your knowledge. If you go to the old boards and look through tennis tips, you'll get a sense of the tone that's been here until now, and what has made players from 1.0 to 5.0 feel comfortable posting. In particular, if you read what Bungalow Bill posted, you'll find that there is very little ( I can't think of any) of the "I'm right and you're wrong" sort of discussion. If you can find a thread between him and Hawaii 5-0 about the relative merits of the continental vs.. the eastern forehand grip for volleying, you'll have a very good idea about what makes the tennis tips section really something special.

    It's up to you guys of course how you want to write here, but I have to agree with bcaz that duelling between very knowledgeable posters would not be an improvement.
  4. tennisbody

    tennisbody New User

    Feb 19, 2004
    Well, I must say that I admire both of you guys ( Eric and Bill ) for your inputs to this Board. But I also say that I know Eric first hand because I met him. He is a young pro who's teaching tennis in Princeton, New Jersey. He's approach to the game is very simple. He use an old tennis school as necessary base to start with, then modifies this to the modern tennis game. As everything in our lives tennis evolves and changes. And I agree. If I have to choose between what works for me and what is written in the book I would always choose the first one. And by the way he's very soft spoken, intelligent young man and not megalomaniac at all. :D
  5. Frodo Baggins

    Frodo Baggins Semi-Pro

    Feb 20, 2004
    Alberta Canada
    Bill:I Think Eric Has a crush on you :lol: Or must be a loyal Fan.I got an idea Eric Start a fanclub about bungalo Bill. :lol: Cute very Cute :p
  6. @wright

    @wright Hall of Fame

    Feb 19, 2004
    Both of you guys obviously know A LOT about tennis. I'm looking forward to the future discussions/ gems I can take to the courts.
  7. Bungalo Bill

    Bungalo Bill G.O.A.T.

    Feb 19, 2004

    I appreciate this post very much! I look forward to working with you as we help people improve their games.

    My apoligies if I offended you with my posts. I know my writing style can be a bit direct and if I send it off before I "proof read it" I take the chance it may be misread.

    I too like to work professionally on this board. I beleive I am well researched from a players point of view and a coaches point of view out of necessity. I have paid my dues with injuries, type of equipment, tennis tips, and whatever else is "floating" around out there. I got tired of the "try this" approach to tennis and began trying to disect what the main ingredients that makeup a solid tennis stroke no matter what fad or change happens.

    I do not know everything about tennis! There are many posts I do not comment on because I am more interested in seeing others perceptions on the issue and only step in when I think someone with good intentions might lead someone down the wrong path.

    I learn a great deal from all the posters here. Some of the more quirkier posts cause me to conduct my own research in case I come across the question again.

    I laughed when you made reference that I might be the "old school" type player. I am very different. I always were black or dark tennis shoes, with black socks, i wear colored shorts and a surf t-shirt that usually has some sort of rebelious symbol on it, my hat is usually on backwards, I use a semi-western grip and a twohanded backhand and when the time is right will hit out on a onehanded backhand just for the heck of it.

    I think you have a lot to offer TW and I hope you continue your posts and threads. The players here can use your insight and perception. There are a lot of players that provide good feedback but there are two that I look forward to hearing from the most but they arent always on. That's Mahboob and Pat Dougherty. I usually have to email Pat for his insight when I feel his expertise is needed as he is very busy and doesnt have the time to monitor the board.

    We have differed only on the pathway and the results we have gotten or are getting are contributing to our perceptions and findings to produce certain strokes or footwork, but I always thought our intentions were the same - to produce a better more informed tennis player.

    I know I have worked with Vic Braden and he has some very good film and research on different aspects of stroke development and brain typing. But I dont follow all of his advice as I believe tennis has evolved (although Federer is bringing some "old days" back).

    However, what I learned from Vic is the fundamental components that need to exist on every stroke. These are physical laws that do not change. Such as a fixed wrist position, level racquet, low to high, etc. It is my belief that if a player focuses on these things with whatever grip combination or stance, he will achieve great things in tennis.

    I do understand the more modern techniques and believe they are valid, however, for me, on this board, I am careful to focus on the elements that are key to having dependable consistent strokes and not getting caught up in things that the human eye cant really pick up when watching other players strokes or thinking that certain "myths" are truths in the game of tennis.

    I am not saying that your information was not valid, just the opposite, I thought your information was very good.

    Eric, again thanks for this post. I look forward in someday shaking your hand. I also look forward in learning more from you and your findings.

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