ESPN & Xfinity TV Coverage of the Majors?

Chas Tennis

I watched Wimbledon and now the US Open on ESPN and Xfinity cable. ESPN broadcasts a channel on TV and half a dozen streaming channels for the US Open.

When Wimbledon got to the Championship match, the TV picture was awful with what appeared to be digital hesitations of the picture. It continued for 1.5 to 2 hours or longer. I posted a thread to see if anyone else was having the same problem and had found a fix. Finally, I found one of the other internet ESPN channels that had good video, perhaps in Spanish?

Now it looks as if again there are similar digital issues on the ESPN HD broadcast of a US Open match.

Tennis Channel seems to have few issues.

In addition, ESPN shows streaming digital channels. But the captions of what is streaming are slow to updated - isn't that done by computer? You click on an internet broadcast and wait a minute, the match you expected is over, and a message appears 'Your program will begin soon'. Don't wait.......... This could be a good system if the information presented in the captions to the viewers was timely.

Why are these problems appearing during the year's 4 Major tennis tournaments covered by ESPN and Xfinity?
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Chas Tennis

The exact same thing that happened at Wimbledon and yesterday is occurring again.

I switched to an ESPN3 internet channel and it works. Also an ESPN3 channel in Spanish works.

Chas Tennis

The regular broadcast ESPN HD through my Xfinity were also un-viewable for the US Open
1) Ladies Doubles Championship.
2) Ladies Singles Championship.
3) Men's Singles Championship.

These were broadcast live at different times.

The screen had a few pixels of the tennis match and a lot of digital appearing interference.

I watched an internet streaming broadcast, ESPN3 "Surround", that had a reduced picture size and smaller closeups of each player. On streaming there is no recording, no reviews, no captions..............

The purpose of putting labels under the Thumbnails for the different ESPN and ESPN3 channels available is so that the viewer can select what they want to watch. But these labels are not updated so they are misleading, so very often you get something that you don't want. Aren't these labels live and can be updated, perhaps by a person instead of a computer? Is there a person in the loop?

In the 1950's when there were difficulties in TV broadcasting a sign would appear "We are experiencing Technical Difficulties". It was simple and informed the viewers that the broadcast was not working properly.

70 years later hi tech tennis broadcasting fails only for the championship matches of majors?

Does the main ESPN channel for the US Open Championships and earlier for the Wimbledon Men's Championship

only fail on my TV in the Bay Area of California for ESPN? (and Renaldo's)
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