EURO 2016

Who will win EURO 2016?

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Glorious attack wins extravagant matches, like Belgium did a couple of times this tournament.
A solid defense wins titles. Three of Belgium's defenders today had a paltry total of 19 national matches between them. Got exposed in that direction.
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Yeah, gotta back Wales over Portugal
I really think so many of these teams are learning from Germany. Portugal might get to the finals but ronaldo aint got crap to do with it. Football isnt about 1 guy running around oh look its Messi or oh look its Ronaldo. I get so sick of that. They perform well on their teams in club football cause those are real teams. Not 11 guys thrown together to support their superstar.


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England have not reached a major SF in 20 years.

Here is a list of the Semi finalists since:

Germany 7
Holland 5
Portugal 5
Spain 3
Brazil 3
France 3
Italy 3
Turkey 2
South Korea

That is sort of off the top of my head so may not be exact. Don't really need any words, speaks for itself. But Portugal having 5 and England 0. Turkey 2, Wales Uruguay and Korea 1 also.
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Someone must step in for Ramsey though. He has been their catalyst.

Wales will also miss Davies. Portugal is minus Carvalho.

Slight edge to Portugal because of these accumulated yellows. Still very possible though. God, don't let this come down to PKs.
Ramsey is such a great player, it's been great to see him performing at the Euro's like he has done for Arsenal over the years, so yeah, it's a huge loss for Wales.

I really hope Wales pull it off, Portgual have bored me for years! I remember they used to play England all the time in the knockout rounds, I think every game went to penalties and were turgid, dull affairs (with Portugal always winning). They've been the same way this tournament, huge respect to them for it, but yeah.. C'mon Wales!


So much animosity towards Portugal. As for "boring football" and "dull affairs" that always went to penalties:

And even this one, which did go to penalties, was probably one of the most exciting matches I ever saw:

I guess it's a country that has had the disadvantage of not being small enough for people to get behind them without any consequences (we've consistently produced great players) nor big enough for people to accept they're a force to be reckoned with in European football.
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On Wales, credit should go to John Toshack, he blooded these kids as teenagers and got a lot of stick for it. Credit

and of course Gary Speed.

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Extra time.

Amazing how Germany don't have a single win over Italy in big tournaments.

Hoping it stays that way. :oops:

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well, as extra time doesn't count in that stats, it's on.
They have met 8 times. Italy won 2 in regular time, 2 in extra time, with the other 4 matches ending in a draw. Not even one extra time or penalty win for the Germans, nothing.


Approaching penalties... And Germans never lose on penalties, no?

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Happy to hear that. :) I hope you will join the side of the Devils if you start following club football. ;)

(sad because of Stan The Man's short tweet? :p)
I'll have to figure out what club football is! :oops: Is that where your username comes from? :)

(Yes. haha ;) I got into football courtesy of tennis. I love Timea Bacsinszky, too, and they were both tweeting about it.)


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I hate penalties, they have to come up with something else
Worst part of football/soccer. Now it seems teams who are slightly worse are playing to get to penalties. Ugh. Germany controlled the game only to have it settled by a mini game of skill/chance.

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I'll have to figure out what club football is! :oops: Is that where your username comes from? :)

(Yes. haha ;) I got into football courtesy of tennis. I love Timea Bacsinszky, too, and they were both tweeting about it.)
Here's a short explanation
Euro, African Cup, Copa Libertadores (North and South America), Asian Cup and World Cup are like the Davis Cup of football. It's where players represent their country.

These players also play in certain clubs - those are teams (from a certain part of the world made of players from many different countries) that compete for titles in club's country and if good enough for continental titles as well. Competition rules aren't all the same, but the rules of the actual football game always are.
Yes that's where my username comes from. :)
This is a dumb newbie question, but are ties always settled by these kick-offs? (I don't know the right term for it...)
When it's a knockout stage and there has to be winner, there has to be a penalty shoot-out if it's a tie (or in football terms, a draw) for 90+30 minutes.