Even pro boxers lose their footwork endurance cardio by age 28.


I'm watching the most excellent 8 hour Ken Burns documentary about Muhammad Ali. After his 3 year ban, he lost his footwork. Lost his entire edge. Went from a 25 year old nimble butterfly who could dodge any punch, to a flat footed basher at age 28, and already past his prime, out of shape. Point is, even by age 28, it may be too late for adults to be light on their feet. Even pro boxers lose their footwork endurance cardio by age 28. This may be why almost no rec adult player learns to split step as habit. Just too tiring for regular people. They do it for the first few balls, and then stop and return to flat footed comfort.



Odd thread, is the OP suggesting that the decline with age in a sport where you're getting your head (and much of the rest of you) bashed constantly can be reasonably compared with expected declines in a sport like tennis??
What's with your hatred for rec tennis players ttps? Rec players, as the name suggests, will never be elite and do all the things perfectly like the pros, that's ok. If people get out on court and have fun, get some exercise, that's a win in my book. Not everyone is hell bent on getting to 5.0 or want to spend time obsessing over the technicalities of the sport.


Do not mention that to George Foreman who became heavyweight champion again at around middle forties! Fury is way over 28 years old too!


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It's probably different for every person. I mean, some people age dramatically quicker than others. It's not unusual for someone to be going gray at age 30.


Man, we're all (Including the big 3) 1.0s compared to AI Robots that will surely be the future of tennis.
Look up the Boston Dynamics company.