Everybody Marvel at Mad Lad Medvedev

He's very measured in interviews and seems to be a very smart chap. I don't really like his game but at the same time I like his game. Wait, what?

Good win today to keep his streak of wins rolling... 7 and counting.
Am I the only person that thinks he actually is the real deal? Really solid off both wings and he has a big serve and pretty good movement for his size. He's taking this year by the horns so far.
a lot on the line for mad lad medraffe this weekend

a win on saturday will increase his lead in mdcdxix finals with iii

a win on saturday will also move him to xiv in rankings

a title will give him a lead in titles this year with ii

a title will tie him with joe kovic and nadal for most titles since beginning of last season
I remember an old Russian saying that Gorbatsov didnt like: Trust is good, control is better. ;)
Medvedev strokes look bit odd, but the results are great.
His game looks like a new Djoker, getting the most impossible shots back with interest. I do think his long body is vulnerable to injuries.