Evo vs. Subaru Sti vs. Mazda speed 3

pound for pound as far as performance and price is the speed3 the overall car among the three? thinking about getting one in the future as my fun car, race track car weekend car? feedback among those of you who owns one, thanks.


I don't have the Mazdaspeed, just a regular old Mazda3, but I would recommend them highly to anyone and everyone! I love my car! :)

And I used to have a Subaru, which are also very good cars. But I still say Mazda for the win!

I've heard nothing but excellent things about Mazdaspeed as well.


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actually my reccomendation if u were to get an Evo is to get an older one maybe an Evo VIII or IX because those are the best imo, the new one is too limited with the new engine and all the new upgrades and everything, if ur lookin for raw feel and power id say get an earlier model one