Exercise related nose bleed


Last night while at the gym doing my HIIT my nose started to bleed. I was about 20 minutes in to my workout when it happened. Just thought I would ask if anyone has experienced this or knows why it happened. I did change up my intervals a bit for the first time, instead of 1 minute sprint and 2 minutes rest I ran 1 minute sprint, 2 minutes rest, 1 minute sprint and 1 minute rest and so on.


I would tell you right now to stop your HIIT and consult a doctor about this.

HIIT increases your blood pressure and heart rate and therefore if blood is coming from your nose it is a sure sign to me that you should slow down.

See a doctor and he will probably tell you to not over do it so you get into a good pace of exercising.

Good Luck on this and hope the advice helps you find balance.


Absolutely....elevated BP is a common cause of nosebleed. BP and blood platelet count should be part of a medical assessment.