Exo 100 vs Youtek Radical Pro


Pretty similar specs except for the difference in stiffness. Can anyone comment on these two rackets? To me, one was great one was awful. Not going to say which though :twisted:


My thoughts on both...The Exo 100 felt like a board. Could have been the demo strings but I couldn't feel the ball at all. I purchased the YT Rad Pro without demoing and immediately fell in love with it. I added some lead at the top of the grip and am now helplessly in love.

I loved how stiff the Exo 100 felt but it has a weird flexpoint that lends to the lack of feel. I couldn't get into a groove at all with it...forehand, backhand, serves or volleys. Can you tell I didn't like it??

The YT Rad on the other hand has pop on groundies, it's easy to control serving. I get good pace on flat serves and nice kick on spin serves. Oh I wish it had the 18x20 string pattern of the MP. I was most impressed with the Rad Pro's touch on volleys.

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I never got to hit with the EX0. It is one of the few that intrigues me still.

The Rad Pro is an awesome stick. Real comfortable and you can pound the ball. If I had a wish, it would be that the beam was a little thinner, but I can deal with the current width.


The EXO feels like crap and makes a weird sound. Go with the Youtek pro if you know whats best for your game
Hey Guys,

I am using the exo3 100 and thoroughly enjoy it. Havent used the YT so I cant comment on that. Dont know how you can say that you cant feel the ball with the 100, I love it, can feel the ball all the way. Mind you I use it with port holes and no dampner which gives you more feel than using a dampner.

Hope this helps

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I don't use the 100 but have played with it extensively, has great feel, a real rich quality feel actually, produces massive spin and hits a very heavy ball, serves heavy with good spin too.

I am guessing the nay Sayers are judging this racquet on the ****ty recoil string it comes with.

I haven't tried the youtek pro but did have a microgel model and it was a toy compared the Exo.
Ljubi has said exactly what I wanted to say. I had a brain explosion. I have used many different racquets over the years and can finally say that I now enjoy playing tennis again. I find it very easy to create a heavy ball, especially the serve. The swingweight is more than what is stated on the racquet., and this was noticeable as soon as you pick up the racquet. I agree with Ljubi, that the crap strings that the racquet is strung with is just that - crap. My racquet is currently strung with Genesis Black Magic strings and I am totally enjoying the game again.

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I played the EXO mid months ago, and I liked it. I had no overgrip on the thing (almost threw it a few times due to the slick calfskin..lol). My serves were real easy and the sweetspot felt incredible, but I did not completely love the racquet. I hear the midplus is far better though.

What is intriguing is that it is basically the Rad Pro with a thinner beam and is 100% graphite. So the transition is easy and wouldnt screw up my game much at all. If I get one, I will put up my unbiased comparison. It will be very tough to get me to switch from the Pro because it is such a great stick. But I love those straight thin beams and classic pure flexy graphite sticks.