Experience with TiMO 18 with VS Team 17


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I decided to give a hybrid a try, to reduce some power and add some longevity (not too much more longevity, but at least a little bit more). I used to be on full VS Team 17g @ 60 lbs, which was slightly loose for me. My new hybrid experiement was TiMO 18g @ 56 lbs (main), VS Team 17g @ 61 lbs (cross).

I was expecting a fairly big decrease in power, but I found completely the opposite. My racquet was like a cannon! I went back to an older racquet that was my full VS Team @ 60 lbs, and it felt tighter.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I just going through an odd gut/poly transition period where my feel is just off.

Any suggestions on how I can tighten things up? Increase the tension of the gut? The TiMO? Both? Or is there a better hybrid out there for what I am trying to achieve?

I have a baseliners game, moderate pace, good amounts of spin, and long swing. Flexpoint Radical Tour on fairly fast hardcourts, if it matters. Thanks for any feedback that you all might have.
flexpoints do weird things... like u described. I've never heard of a hybrid strung at the same tension having more pop than a full gut job. my guess it has something maybe to do with the racquet...


I use a gut/TiMO hybrib. I use the same tension for both strings. It feels ( to me anyway) that the ball stays on the strings a bit longer than normal. I get lots of power when playing with players that hit harder. If I play with someone that doesn't have much power I need to not hit my racquet with much power since the ball tends to go long.