EZONE Closest to DR98 @Chris and Michelle


Hi guys. If similarly weighted, which of the new 2 Ezone models (98 and Tour) is closer to the DR 98 in
- power
- launch angle
- comfort
- feel
- maneuverability
I am mostly worried about comfort and control (length). The DR is already at my limit in terms of length control using gut/poly (Using it due to previous injury). However, the advantage it provides in depth and power make it great for my game.
So, what I’m seeking is something that gives the same power, but not more.
my DR98 is weighted up to 350gm, with .75gm at 12 o’clock and shock shield grip+lead under the trap door. So, even the tour gives me enough room to customize.
Issue is, seems the tour is softer than DR and much higher twist weight, while the normal Ezone is stiffer and still a bit higher twist weight.

TW Staff

For me the feel and launch are most similar to the Tour. I'm a big fan of its feel. It has some nice flex to it while still feeling solid. It also wins on the comfort front for me since it has more mass to deaden shock.
Power and maneuverability are tougher to call since you are modifying but in stock form the regular 98 has a tad more free power on compact strokes while the mass of the tour give it some additional plow through power on a long/fast stroke.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Chris, TW