F/S:(2x) Pro Staff 85 St. Vincent 8.5/10 4 3/8, (2x), Pro Staff 95 7/10 and more

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by JohnB_83, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Trying to sell several rackets that have just been in a tennis bag for a while now. Here are the list of rackets I have. Please email me at solid5nakex22@hotmail.com if interested in any of the following rackets. Pictures available upon request as I do not know how to upload a picture through TW. All the rackets come unstrung and prices for the rackets does not include shipping. For any questions please feel free to email me. Thanks

    (2) Pro staff 6.0 85 midsize St Vincent
    Grip: 4 3/8 for both
    Condition: 8.5/10 for both
    Asking price: $200 each or best offer for both

    (2) Pro Staff 6.0 95 MP
    Grip: 4 5/8 for both
    Condition: 7/10 for both
    Asking price: 65 each or $120

    (1) Pro Staff Tour 90
    Grip: 4 3/8
    Condition: 7.5-8/10
    Asking price: $80 obo

    (2) Head Liquidmetal MP
    Grip: (1) 4 1/2, (1) 4 5/8
    Condition: 8/10
    Asking price: $60 each

    (1) Slazenger Pro Braided (Black and White)
    Grip: 4 5/8
    Condition: 6-7/10
    Asking price: $50
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    Pro Staff Tour 90 SOLD!!!
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    New grommets installed on the Pro Staff 6.0 85 and 95 rackets
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    Correction: New grommets on the Pro Staff 95s. I just found out the grommets that was purchased from TW was for the Pro Staff 6.0 85 midsize (made in china) model and not St. Vincent. I no longer have the grommets for the original St. Vincent on one of the rackets.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 95s SOLD!!!

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