F/S: Dunlop Aerogel 100, 4 3/8 five of them

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    FS: Dunlop Aerogel 100s, $50 each. Will give discount if you buy more two or more---or all. Nice player's level sticks. I have 5 of these: two of them are unstrung so you can put your own choice of strings in them, the others have various strings:
    1) Technifibre Black Code 18 @ 55 lbs; 7.5/10
    2) Babolat RPM Blast 18 . @ 55 lbs. 8/10
    3) Solinco TourBite 17 @ 50 lbs. 7.5/10
    4) Unstrung 8/10
    5) Unstrung 7.5/10
    I always use wilson pro overgrips on them but have also put various replacement grips on three of them (Head Hydrasorb), the Blast and the two unstrung.
    Specs =
    11.6 ounces strung
    16 x 19 string pattern
    90" head
    flex rating 62
    4 3/8 grip size

    These are like beautiful little scalpels for placement and control. I usually describe them as a slightly lighter, more maneuverable version of either the Head Prestige mid (which I used for years until I switched to these) or Federer's ProStaff 6.0 90" (which I've demoed but found just too heavy at my ripe old age).
    These are fast swinging, low-powered and beautiful feel. I've had to move up to the slightly larger Dunlop 95" 200 lite for my aging arm. These 100s are great platforms for customizing and adding lead tape. Just need to empty the bag to partially pay for my new 200 lites!
    Price includes shipping in cont.US. I don't use PayPal as I rarely buy and sell so I prefer USPS money order. I have excellent references.
    email me at randybynum@gmail.com
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    All sold! Thanks Harry and thanks TW!

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