F/S HEAD Youtek Speed Pro (4-1/4), 8.5-9/10

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by thanh76, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. thanh76

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    HEAD Youtek Speed Pro Tennis Racquet for sale. Condition 8.5-9/10; It is in excellence playing condition (bought two months ago), I am not just advanced enough to wield the weapon of Djokovic. :) . If you are local, cash preferred. If out of town, I accept Paypal.

    Specs below for reference:

    Weight: 11.8 Ounces (unstrung) / 12.3 Ounces (strung)
    Length: 27 Inches
    Tension: 52-62 Lbs.
    String Pattern: 16M x 19C
    Headsize: 98 in.²
    Beam Width: 18mm, Straight Beam
    Balance Point: 31.0cm. / 12.2in.
    Balance: Head Light
    Flex (RDC): 70
    Composition: d3o™
    Swing Weight: 326
    Power Level: Low
    Swing Type: Fast & Long
    Grip: Leather
    Technology: d3o™, YouTek™, Teflon®
  2. thanh76

    thanh76 Guest

    Sorry, forgot price. It's $90 shipped. Thanks.
  3. l1nkown

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    Jul 2, 2010
    Approximately what price are you looking for?
  4. thanh76

    thanh76 Guest

    $90 shipped CONUS.
  5. thanh76

    thanh76 Guest

    C'mon. $85 shipped.
  6. li0scc0

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    Aug 13, 2009
    did you ever sell this racquet?

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