F/S: Pacific 9.4/10 and Fischer 8.7/10 Pro 98 racquets 4 3/8"

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    Aug 13, 2009
    For sale:
    Two modified racquets
    Both racquets are 329 grams (11.6), 325 swingweight, 10 points headlight, 98 square inches, flex in the 55-60 range, 16x20 pattern

    Racquets are:

    Racquet #1: Pacific X Force Lite modified to above specs, 9.4/10, outstanding condition, strung with Pacific Premium Power 16L, strung at 53 pounds and string in fantastic condition! Only used for 3 hours total

    Racquet #2: Fischer Pro X-Lite modified to above specs, 9/10 condition, strung with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 @ 53 pounds, string is used but with life left. This is the last generation Fischer with the handle like the Pacifics. Both racquets have exactly the same 'feel' to the grip!

    These were modified using a Babolat machine to determine stiffness and weight, and a balance board to determine balance. Modifications are totally reversible, as I used lead on the head, and a combination of lead, poster-tac, and fishing weights in the handle. I did not use silicone as it is more difficult to reverse.

    The X Force Lite goes for $149 new, so I think $110 used strung and modified is fair (shipped).
    The Fischer Pro X-Lite is older so I am asking $55 used shipped.
    OR you can get both for $150 shipped.

    scc881972 at yahoo dot com is my PayPal.

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