Fabio Fognini [16] vs Parera Nadal [2] - Australian Open 2021 R4


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I don’t know how you all paying so much attention to it. I’m not even noticing.
I wasn't either because I think it's actually doing an okay job, creates the illusion of there being a crowd when you dont pay attention so closely


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I think the fake crowd is a little too much unless it’s only for the TV, I mean what is this? It’s just a rally.

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How can one guy take so many extreme risks but also hit back at the opponent instead of the open court so often?
Maybe he anticipates Rafa to cover open court and instead try his luck by going back behind his opponent? Or it could just be that he's wary of the running forehand, you leave a lot of court open if your shot isn't excellent...

Honestly, there's nothing inherently wrong with that, going back at your opponent, wait for the more opportune ball.


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Possum only applies to Djokovic. Nadal never exaggerated the affect of his back. That's just Fed fans who are trying so hard to create a story that isnt there


Nadal's backhand is the shot that's doing damage to Fognini.
It is no exaggeration to say that on these courts Nadal's backhand is BETTER than Nadal's forehand.