Facing off against the Wall

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by kninetik, May 25, 2004.

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    May 13, 2004
    Hi, I am a relatively inexperienced on-court tennis player. Everything here in New York is free... except tennis. Basketball courts, Swimming pools, Handball/Squash courts, track, etc... $0 Tennis = $100 permit per player per season so I really dont get back on court til I get to college. Until then I face off against the handball court wall.

    I think myself to be doing well against the wall. There is a line on the wall which measures about net height. Also the back-line to the wall of the wall courts are similar in length to tennis courts. Sometimes when racquetball courts are free, ill use that too. The racquetball court is 4' longer from the backwall to my imaginary net but that extra space is reserved since I want to swing without beating my racquet against the wall. I can hit things just over the "net" and know if it were a real court it would land inside the court with a bit of depth because I can visibly see the ball starting to lose its arch around the time it reaches the wall.

    I can shoot topspin forehands, topspin 1hbh and slices relatively well. However, when I try to bring that to the court, only my 1hbh seems to work. My slice floats very high, and my forehand is pitiful. It is either too strong and goes out or too slow and easily dealt with. That topspin I had facing the wall suddenly just disappears. Whereas on the wall I hit it 1 or 2 feet over the net, I hit the forehands at least 3 - 7 feet over the real net.

    Anyone else have this type of problem? One thing that has impacted me psycologically is that the tennis court seems awfully smaller than the wall or racquetball court. I mean not just by a foot, but more around 10 feet... on EACH side. The first time I stepped onto a tennis court, my initial thought was "that's it? I thought it was twice as big..."
    Could playing off the wall be BAD for an inexperienced court player? I have no other method of using my racquet this summer until the next academic semester.

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